March 25th, 2021

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Как Тилли съела чили

Как Тилли съела чили,
То скок! – под потолок!
Ведром воды пыталась
Залить во рту ожог.
Шипя, хрипя, обежала
Раз десять наш квартал,
Никто бы в целом мире
Её не обогнал.

Дым из ушей у Тилли,
Льют слёзы из красных глаз.
Пришла в себя бедняжка
Насилу через час.
И тут заявила Тилли,
Слёзы стерев со щёк:
«Вкусняшка – этот чили!
А можно мне ещё?»

by Jack Prelutsky

When Tillie ate the chili,
She erupted from her seat,
She gulped a quart of water,
And fled screaming down the street,
She coughed, she wheezed, she sputtered,
She ran totally amok,
She set a new world record
As she raced around the block.

Tillie's mouth was full of fire,
Tillie's eyes were red with tears,
She was smoking from her nostrils,
She was steaming from her ears,
She cooled off an hour later,
Showing perfect self-control
As she said, "What tasty chili,
I should like another bowl."